Sunday, July 06, 2008

In my travels as a vintage clothing entrepreneur/collector I've met some great people. Some of those people have trusted me to purchase some of their vintage items. Recently I visited with one 97-years young lady. She has some beautiful things that she'd like to pass on to someone who will appreciate them. In the past I've purchased some purses from this lady and while the purses were nice what I enjoyed most was the stories behind the items and the company of this wonderful lady. Now I can spin a fictional store with the best of them but there's just something grand about hearing the real story behind an item.

Over the next few months I'll be listing things my friend passed on to me which include 1920s-1930s mens wool bathing suits in excellent condition, some beautiful beaded purses, corde purses, leather purses, crocheted purses, hats and a lot of other items in beautiful condition.

Currently we have a lot of shoes listed from my friend that date from the 1940s on up. The shoes are in beautiful condition and we'd like to see them go to homes that will appreciate them.

Vintage 1940s Coward Navy Blue Mesh Swing Shoes Size 8A

Vintage 1960s Montgomery Ward Taupe Perforated Swing Style Slip On Shoes Size 8B

Vintage 1940s Wing Step Black Leather Mesh Swing Shoes Size 8B

Vintage 1970s Hush Puppies White Perforated Swing Style Shoes Size 8M

Vintage 1940s Brown Suede & Faux Alligator Embossed Leather Swing Shoes

Vintage 1940s Fashion Stride White Pump Swing Shoes

So keep checking back at Born Too Late Vintage for more of my friend's treasures. You'll be glad you did!

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veronica said...

Beautiful shoes! I will be checking all of your items soon!

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