Friday, November 30, 2007

Today I'm blogging about something I've been doing since I was 10 years old. Sewing is a wonderful way to let your creative genius thrive. It's a way to delve into colorways, styles and things that you just can't find in ready to wear.

In the vintage past women were wonderful seamstresses and created some of the most stunning ensembles known to man. My own mom and my dad's great cousin, Angie (seamstress extraordinaire for Bergdorf Goodman) created a stunning evening gown of American Beauty Rose fuchsia brocade. I vividly remember my mom wearing this with a white spiderweb stole (which I have in my possession never to be parted with) and my Dad in his then IBM standard black suit and white shirt with a conservative tie. I was 6 at the time and even though I'm 48 years old now the memory is still vivid.

I spent later years going through home economics class making what was then and probably would be now a nautical print red, white and blue maxi dress with a side slit just past the knee on the side and a white pointy collar and white cuffs with round golden eagle buttons. I also made a red pants suit to wear for graduation night from Poway High School in 1977 as if to say "Look out world! Here I come!"

In the years after I've made everything from evening wear for company parties my husband and I have attended to doll size clothing for my oldest daughter who weighed 4 pounds 12 ounces at birth. I've also made christening and communion outfits for both my daughters and matching leopard hats and coats out of polar fleece for them.

So it makes perfect sense for me to add vintage pattern selling to my store as well.
I was fortunate enough to find a treasure trove of patterns from a seamstress who made many beautiful outfits from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Some are childrens patterns but the majority are womens patters, including a great amount of size 18 1/2and size 20 1/2 patterns for the discerning seamstress! We're working hard to get all of these gems listed so check back often.

My favorite pattern, though is a gem from 1949. So remember when you are hunting for that perfect vintage pattern to set loose your creative energy to check out Born Too Late Vintage.

Vintage 1949 Butterick Pattern 5086
Mandarin Lounging Pajama

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Once upon a time in a kingdom called Tejas there lived a queen called Rita. Now Queen Rita was not a benevolent ruler. Oh no, not Queen Rita. The rule in her kingdom was what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine.

Now recently in the kingdom of Tejas Queen Rita cruelly sold the Marx Disneykins Castle display right out from under it's inhabitants. In addition, Queen Rita also sold into slavery some of the inhabitants of the Marx Disney Castle as well. The castle and its inhabitants were shipped to another kingdom called the Dukedom.

Just when the inhabitants of the kingdom of Tejas thought it couldn't get any worse Queen Rita struck again. "Bwa ha ha ha", she cackled. She decided that she had recouped so much of her gambling debts by selling the Marx Disneykins Castle display and its inhabitants that maybe, just maybe she could make some more ill gotten gains by selling the rest of the inhabitants of that castle. So in her most wicked way Queen Rita put up for sale to the highest bidder the rest of the Marx Disneykins.

The Marx Disneykins are hoping against hope that someone will buy them and reunite them with the rest of their loved ones. Where might you find this dastardly listing? Well right here of course!

Marx Disneykins 1st Series Candy Boxes Set
of 34 + 10

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It was a long hard trek to Paris to see his sister. Through the Pyrenees he hiked and since he was a naturalist and a nudist to boot all he wore was his hat and what a hat it was. He trekked through Bordeaux where he sampled some of the best wine he had ever had. Along the way he sampled the wine and cheese of the different regions he trekked through. It was pretty much the same reaction where ever he hiked. "Did you see the nude wild mountain man with the fur hat on his head? Sacrebleu what a wonderful hat!"

Once arriving on the outskirts of Paris he was picked up by the local police. They provided him with a lovely green sweater to wear in the cold jail cell. There he was interrogated an entire day and long into the night but still he would not divulge the information they all lusted after, where he had bought the hat.

Finally admitting defeat the police released him to his sister and they went home to her chateau. After a fine dinner of poisson frit et frites and a glass of white wine his sister asked him, "So Pierre, where did you get that luscious hat?" And Pierre replied, "I got it on Ebay."

Issey Miyake Men Mongolian-inspired faux fur hat to XL

Monday, November 26, 2007

Today I'd like to introduce you to the two newest vintage sellers on Specialist Auction. They are Wyoming Vintage and Wyo Gems Vintage. Now these fine sellers are both from the state of Wyoming and can and will ship their items together so don't forget to check both their shops out! We're featuring holiday party wear so get a gander at what they have available.

Wyoming Vintage has this


and this


and so much more!

Wyo Gems Vintage has this


and this


and so much more as well!

So check out our newest sellers and all the other vintage fashionistas at Specialist Auctions. If we don't have what you're looking for you don't need it!

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