Friday, January 12, 2007

Are you a vintage hoarder? Take our quiz and see how you stack up!

Are you a vintage hoarder?
Great things are happening at

We have a new look in the vintage and antique clothing section and we even have a swimsuit category (eat your heart out Ebay!). We have our sellers including Teenytinytoadstool, the compact queen, Artizania specializing in antique as well as vintage clothing, The Purse Diva, Alley Cats Vintage and her spectacular collection of 40s fashions, aVenir Fashions and Born Too Late Vintage last featured on the blog "Ask Bronny."

We also have some brand new sellers such as Fuzzylizzie, Fast Eddie's Retro Rags and ChiChiChambers! We'd love to add some more vintage sellers! So check out the vintage fashions and more at Specialist Auctions!

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