Friday, June 29, 2007

Today I decided to talk about bathing suits. Bathing suits have been around since the Greeks. Actually the bikini is very similar to early Greek bathing suits. How we got to those minimalist suits from Ancient Greece to the cover it all up wool suits of the 1890s I'll never know.

As time marched on bathing suits became more and more brief. I'd hazard a guess that most of us remember seeing pictures of Betty Grable in her pin-up bathing suit or Esther Williams in her swimming movies all dolled up and looking great.

Bathings suits give a woman or for that matter a man a way to show what they're made of. Suits of the 1940s and 1950s had modesty panels across the hip area in lots of women's swimsuits. Two piece suits were available but nowhere near as brief as the bikinis of the late 1960s to the present. And of course there was the famous monokini designed by Rudi Gernreich in 1964 that let almost all of it hang out.

So whether you're a let it all hang out type of guy or gal or the type that likes to leave a little more to the imagination, Born Too Late Vintage has lots of bathing suits to fit the real you.


Vintage 1950s Kahala Sexy Pin-Up Green Swimsuit Bathing Suit

Vintage 1950s Paradise Sexy Swimsuit Bathing Suit

Vintage 1950s Kahala Sexy Pin-up Blue Bathing Suit


Vintage 60s Jantzen Flower Power Bathing Suit Dcup

Vintage 60s Roxanne Water Lily Bathing Suit D cup

Vintage 60s Roxanne Spider Mum Bathing Suit D cup

Vintage 1960s Gabar Flowered Sexy VLV Swimsuit Bathing Suit


Vintage 1970s Purple Blue Flower Swimsuit Bathing Suit B40C

Vintage 1970s Blue Sexy Pin-Up Swimsuit Bathing Suit Sz S

So what are you waiting for?

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

As I went into my walk-in closet to select a pair of shoes today I started thinking about how important shoes are in the grand scheme of fashion be it modern or vintage. Often times a new pair of shoes vintage or otherwise can be the finishing touch to a new outfit or something you've had in your closet because it was missing that certain something to top it off.

Shoes have changed throughout history. At one time in the courts of kings and queens one could tell the rank of any lady and gentleman by the length of their shoes. Shoes have been made from all sorts of fabrics and materials. What they were made of often times was affected by the state of the world around us be it peaceful times or times of war. Synthetics kicked in heartily during WW II when ration coupons were needed to purchase leather shoes.

So without further ado I'm featuring fabulous shoes throughout the more recent ages from the 1920s up to and including shoes of today. All the shoes shown here are available at Specialist Auctions by our esteemed vintage and modern clothing sellers.


1920s Shoes with 2-Tone Leather and Cut-out Detail


Vintage 1930s Conformal Black Babydoll Peep toe Shoes 10AAAA>


Vintage 1940s Rhythm Step Red Babydoll Heels Pumps


50s blk patent stiletto heel shoes UK 4.5 US 6.5


60s Brown lace slingback shoes UK8.5 USA11 VLV


Vintage 1970s Candies Natural Tan Slides Shoes Size 7


Vintage 1980s NWOT Daniel Green Red Espadrilles shoes 9W


Shoes Deep Navy Blue Suede Pumps size 9N US



So whatever the occasion, era or color make sure to check out the vintage and contemporary sellers of Specialist Auctions.

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