Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Playing dress-up all day long usually requires a model of some sort. The perfect model must be attractive enough to compliment the clothing but not so drop dead gorgeous that no one looks at the outfits. Sometimes the mannequin you use most of the time just does not fit the bill.

Enter the family. You might choose to model some of your own things but being super critical of myself that's just not gonna happen in this lifetime. You might ask your kids to occasionally model something making sure that you don't show their faces or their bodies depending on what they model.

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Or you might beseech your husband to try his hand at modeling because the stuff you have is just too big to look good on a mannequin.

You try your hardest to be professional and take great pictures of your significant other posing in some really nice sweaters. But, no matter what you do he turns you into a giggling fool with a camera. You ask him to take a position and instead he "assumes the position" with his hands against the wall and his legs spread apart. You ask him to try again and as you snap the picture he sticks his tongue out or crosses his eyes. Yet again as you're all but collapsing on the floor in giggles you ask him to please try to be serious and hold still. Finally by some miracle you get a couple of pictures that are good enough so you can list your sweaters.

So without further ado here are some of the "best" pictures we took during our photo session. Remember that "best" is relative but at least we had fun!

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Check this out at Mirror Image Boutique
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