Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Every so often we all need to make some changes in our life. We need to get shaken out of our complacency and do something a little different.

Selling vintage clothing and accessories is no different. When you see that the same old same old isn't working you have to make some changes.

For this reason we've closed Born Too Late Vintage on Ruby Lane. We still love our Ruby Lane customers but we need to make a change.

So if you're looking for great vintage clothing and accessories please check out our new location named
Love Train Vintage on Etsy.

Same management but with a different attitude!

So when you have to get your groove on check out

Saturday, November 07, 2009

In today's economy many of us are really having to look at our budget more closely than ever when deciding on holiday gifts for our friends and families. With that in mind, sellers on Ruby Lane like myself are looking at items to list for our customers that will give them a quality gift without breaking the bank.

That doesn't mean we won't continue to stock the best in collectibles, vintage clothing and accessories, etc. It just means that a lot of us will be looking for ways to help our customers keep their budgets balanced while being able to provide a thoughtful gift to people they care about.

This means in my shop for example, I'll be listing more items like neckties, scarves, cufflinks, necklaces, bracelets and earrings which are normally the companion items to my my larger inventory of vintage clothing, shoes, hats and purses. Perhaps a customer's budget won't stretch to purchasing a larger ticket item, but an accent jewelry piece, scarf or necktie is within their budget.

We can all look at this as an opportunity to help our business grow by reaching out to new customers while also building goodwill in a time when it will definitely will be appreciated. Free, combined or discounted shipping can also make a difference for some of our customers. This is something else that is much appreciated as well.

Here are just a few examples of items on Ruby Lane now that would certainly fit the bill and all $25 or under!

from Alley Cats Vintage

Sweet Vintage 1950s Black Velvet

Rhinestone Beret Style Cocktail Hat

from Born Too Late Vintage

Vintage Squire Gold Tone Metal and
Faux Mother of Pearl Cufflinks & Tie Bar

from A & J Esoterica

Vintage Stetson Sovereign Brown Plush
Felt Snap-Brim Fedora, 7 1/4

from Catseye Vintage Estate Collection

Vintage 40s 50s Atomic Rhinestone
Layered Starburst Silver Tone Brooch Pin

from Vintage Pretties Lingerie

Red ~ Sexy Satin Lace up
Babydoll Nightgown Chemise ~ 2X

from Aaralyn's Velvet Dragonfly

Vintage Square Black & Silver
Siam Dancer Earrings

So just remember for your holiday gift giving, it's the thought that counts!

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Deal of the Day from Born Too Late Vintage for our ladies who love Christmas Sweaters!

Vintage 1970s Red Christmas Novelty Sweater B50 W50 H50

We also have Free shipping in the U.S.!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh how the mighty have fallen. How have I come to this? Hanging on a Halloween rack with a graduation gown, a ballerina tutu, an old baseball uniform and a pair of lederhosen!

Back in the day I was a star, a designer gown, sparkling on the rack just waiting for the discerning lady with very, very deep pockets.

I remember that day so well. The ambiance of The Green Room at
Saks Fifth Avenue. The dignified ladies perusing the designer ware, looking for that perfect gown for that very special event. I saw her from across the room. She was tall and model slender. She wasn't a sweet young thing but as close to it as you can get to it at the age of 30. Her figure was to die for and toned within an inch of her life, although she was the mother of two very active children. She glanced my way and made a beeline towards me.

Seconds later she was in the dressing room oohing and ahhing over the cut of me and the sparkle of my green and silver lame' fabric. Her husband had just made partner in the law firm, a long vied for position he had slaved for and they had reason to celebrate. The firm was having their Christmas party at the
Rainbow Room and she wanted to put her best foot forward. With a designer gown from Mollie Parnis, designer of the first ladies, you just could not go wrong.

Luckily for her I needed no alterations and I was carefully packed in tissue paper and off I went to her Scarsdale home. I was given the place of honor in her already crowded closet, with all her fashion finds from Loehmann's. But this time she'd not picked up a discounted designer item. She had purchased me in The Green Room at Saks!

Although she splurged and bought me there, her common sense still ruled her and she paired me with a pair of silver stilletos that were her favorites and well broken in. A silver clutch purse already in her closet was added and to finish her look off, she added a pair of art deco teardrop green glass earrings she had found in a quaint little shop in Greenwich Village. She was ready for The Rainbow Room and just could not wait.

Flash forward 49 years later. Here I am hanging on this costume rack. Save me! Doesn't anyone hear me!! I don't belong here! I'm a star! Suddenly I began having this old but familiar feeling. Someone is looking at me from afar. An overweight rather frumpy looking woman is making her way towards me. Goodness she's not going to fit into me. What is she thinking?? She's picking me up and the look in her eyes is the same as my original owner. She strokes my fabric and she has gentle hands. She flips me inside out and finds my label. I see her smile light up her entire face. Why she's not frumpy! She's just hiding her light under a bushel.

Grinning widely and very self satisfied, we make our way to the checkout line. The cashier shoves me inside a used plastic Walmart bag (the peasant!) and off we go. I don't remember the rest of the trip to her home as I fell asleep from the suffocating plastic smell of the bag.

I awoke abruptly as I felt myself being slipped over a mannequin. Then hot lights were turned on me and she started taking photographs. She moved the mannequin this way and snapped away taking pictures of my construction, fabric and my label. I knew then that I was being handled by a pro. This frumpy overweight woman with the twinkle in her eyes was a vintage clothing entrepreneur. She was just the person to find me a new home where I would be cherished. At last I would be happy again, not relegated to the Halloween rack!

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Buy any two items and get free U.S. shipping (no items excluded!).

So what are you waiting for?? Let's go shopping!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

What in the world is Gordana Gehlhausen doing on Project Runway? What I'm saying is why is she wasting her talents there? I've watched 6 weeks of projects and watched her alternately basically being told to leave the runway as her design was "good enough" to watching her take it on the chin because she's made her fashion too wearable (newspaper outfit). It appears that "make it work" does not count except in Tim Gunn's book. Gordana has made it work on every challenge.

Last night's show just put me over the top. Yes, Gordana's flapper outfit was par for the course for that historical period, however, her execution of that flapper dress was just stunning. She hit the genre of period piece for that time period right on the head in my opinion. She is an extremely talented designer/tailor. Her outfits always come out looking completely and beautifullly finished right down to every seam, bead, macrame section, etc. What she sends down the runway is always wearable. There is such beauty in her execution on all these challenges and yet the judges don't seem to be able to give her credit for that.

I did some reading up on Gordana and her favorite designer is John Galliano. John Galliano! I would never have guessed that Gordana would have chosen him. I've written about John Galliano before (see this blog:

http://alwaysplayingdressup.blogspot.com/2008_06_22_archive.html ).

I have to say when I see John Galliano's designs on the runway the phrase "hot mess" comes to my mind immediately.

I fear that soon the axe is going to fall on Gordana simply because the judges deem her work too "wearable" and not enough of the fantasy pieces that her favorite designer, John Galliano, spins out for the runway.

Ultimately I have to say that I'd much rather have Gordana designing wearable fashion for the masses than cranking out the stuff John Galliano spins for his runway shows. Surely there is room for both the functional and the fantasy on the runway. Are you listening judges?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All it wanted to do was go home. It was 63 years old and although it's owner had loved it for a long time, it was tired. Tired of sandy beaches and salt water taffy. Tired of being passed from sister to sister, niece to niece and granddaughter to granddaughter. Tired of being exposed to sun, summer after summer from Maine to Florida to California and all beach points in between.
It was finally donated when it's last owner just felt it had no use left it it and that's when I found it in my travels.

Checking out one of my favorite shops, I saw that this one was different. There was just something that caught my eye. As I picked it up off the rack and rifled to see the label I could tell that it was vintage. Then it happened. A treasure. A bona fide treasure in a place I shop often. I saw this:

I looked again, not believing what I was seeing. On the exterior I was cool as a cucumber and sauntered up to the checkout line. I paid for my purchase and made my way to the car. Once I got my treasure into the car I gave it a good going over. I'd seen a similar label a few years back.
I decided to head back home as nothing else I could find that day would compare in any way to my treasure.

Once home, I showed my treasure to my husband. He said, "You can't sell that on your venue. Why did you buy it?" I looked at him and smiling, said, "Because I'll never find another one like it." I took my treasure into my office and went right to the Vintage Fashion Guild label resource and looked under Jantzen. There were similar labels but none exactly like this one. The ones that were similar were from the 1940s. Surely there was no way I'd found a 1940s Jantzen bathing suit.

I searched on the Internet for the Jantzen website and much to my surprise found that they are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year. So I emailed the sales department and asked that my questions about the bathing suit be forwarded to their archivists.

On Monday morning I received an email from Jantzen letting me know that my treasure was produced in 1946 and called "Sun Soaker", made of gorgeous Lastex Velva-Lure. It retailed for $5.95. I showed the bathing suit to my 12-year-old daughter who loves vintage clothing, in particular vintage bathing suits, but alas, the suit would not fit her, so I had a decision to make.
Would I offer my treasure on another venue or keep it.

Later in the day I received another email from Jantzen offering to purchase the bathing suit. I decided it could have no better home than in the Jantzen archives. So today the Sun Soaker is finally going to make its way home where it will receive a well deserved rest. I am positive that this bathing suit was the favorite of many, many women. Here's hoping that Jantzen will come out with a retro line of these suits. I know at least 3 women in my household who would definitely buy the Sun Soaker.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It was with a heavy heart that I learned Patrick Swayze passed away yesterday. Now what did this athlete, dancer and movie star's life have anything to do with a middle age wife and mother.

It started with the movie "Red Dawn." I saw the movie with my then new husband. That movie made us really think about what we would do if our country was ever invaded. Long before 9/11 happened we always made sure we were prepared for the worst.

Then with a lighter heart and much enjoyment we rode the "Dirty Dancing" wave. We've watched the movie numerous times (as have our daughters). We even taped the dance scenes back to back and practiced and practiced until we could dirty dance at my sister's wedding. We blew people right off the dance floor (the two of us, who always had two left feet up until we somehow absorbed those Dirty Dancing moves as if by magic).

We watched "Tiger Warsaw" and "Road House." Of course we will never forget "Ghost." Never has making pottery been so sensual.

We went out on a date night for us and stumbled upon the movie "To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar." We had no idea what the movie was about but if it had Patrick Swayze in it we were game. We came out of that movie a little bit different. than when we went in and thoroughly enjoyed the enlightenment and the entertainment as well.

My husband and I watched and enjoyed "The Beast" all the time knowing of the battle Patrick Swayze was waging. Cancer is not a fight that we are unfamiliar with. As Patrick Swayze battled the beast our thoughts and prayers were with him.

Through the marvels of movies we'll never truly have to lose the vitality and sparkle of Patrick Swayze. Through his acting and dancing he has provided many pleasurable moments for my family. Our condolences go out to his family. He will truly be missed.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Arkansas Mom Fails to Sell Baby Naming Rights on eBay for a Fifth Time"

What the headline doesn't tell you is that for eBay this is business as usual. Go ahead and list that item you think will bring you some bucks. eBay doesn't really care if it sells or not because you still pay eBay regardless.

What really frosts me is the fact that the highest bidder, a producer at an Internet radio talk show, told the mother of six that he had no intention of paying for the naming rights of her seventh child. He says he was just trying to help push the bid higher and several other bidders that bid more than him dropped out of the auction (I would presume by cancelling their bid). Said the producer of the internet radio talk show, ""This happens all the time on eBay."

Well now, far be it for me to question the thought process of this mother of 6, soon to be 7. Bless her because I've got two kids and there are plenty of times when my thought process isn't too clear. However, it would not have occurred to me to relinquish the right to name my own child via an eBay auction.

What really bothers me is the producer's attitude that "this happens all the time on eBay." Well Mr. Producer, just because it happens all the time on eBay doesn't make it right. Your bid is a contract that you agreed to. No one forced you to punch in the bid. eBay tells you that you are entering into a contract and that you are responsible for honoring that contract.

When you break a contract on eBay you are costing someone money. This may be someone who sells part time for extra money or it could be a family who makes their living on eBay. When you do this you're messing with someone else's livelihood. Not keeping your end of the bargain could mean someone doesn't get to go to the movies that week or it could be something as important as someone not being able to pay a bill they owe.

So Mr. Producer, the next time you decide to bid on something, remember that the person whose item you're bidding on is depending on you to complete the transaction. The deck is stacked enough against sellers on eBay as it is. You don't need to add grist to the mill by reneging on your obligation. I'd love to get this producer's id on eBay so I'd be able to block him from bidding on my items. Customers like him I can surely do without.

To see the story I read about this unfortunate incident simply click on this link:


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eunice Shriver died today. Headlines read "sister of JFK, sister of Bobby Kennedy, wife of Sargent Shriver, sister of Teddy Kennedy." While the headlines are technically true, Eunice Shriver may well leave the greatest Kennedy Legacy of all.

In a time when women born to a privileged family life became debutantes, socialites, wives and mothers, Eunice Shriver wanted more. It's been said time and again that Joe Kennedy, patriarch of the Kennedy clan helped push his sons to achieve greatness. From what I see, Eunice Shriver didn't need any pushing. She just went out and got the job done.

She earned a sociology degree from Stanford University in 1943. She became a social worker at a women's prison in West Virginia and later in the 1950s worked with the juvenile court in Chicago. Following that she took over the foundation named after her eldest brother, a foundation founded with the goal of improving the treatment of the mentally disabled.

She married and raised five children with her husband. She has been dealing with the onset of Alzheimer's disease in her husband, and from personal experience (my beloved father had Alzheimer's) that itself is a personal journey only the strong survive.

Eunice Shriver's largest contribution, however, was that of organizing The Special Olympics. Every four years The Special Olympics hosts more than 6,500 athletes from over 150 countries that allows the mentally disabled to show the world they are more than capable of so much more if given the chance.

So I say thank you Eunice Shriver. Your legacy will go forward with your children and grandchildren and future generations yet to be born. We salute you for your contributions to the world. Surely your hard work and dedication are the true Kennedy legacy.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's been said as the First Lady goes so does the nation go in the name of fashion. Michelle Obama has it all. She has a statuesque figure complimented by her beautiful skin, classic hairstyle and poise. What a pleasure it will be to dress her. Of course if I had my druthers she'd be wearing mostly vintage.

Of course a First Lady has no end of occasions to dress for and the fashion world will be keeping a close eye on what First Lady Michelle Obama decides to wear. I had a great time choosing some wonderful vintage fashions that are guaranteeed to make the most of our First Lady's fabulous figure without adding to the national deficit!

Vintage 1960s Goldworm Paisley Floral Pants Suit and Scarf B38 W34 H42

Vintage 1970s Black Goth Crepe Like Maxi Evening Coat B34 W38 H42

Vintage 1960s Aqua Silk Shantung Two Piece Dress and Short Jacket Suit B38 W36 H40

Vintage 1940s Navy Blue Crepe and Satin Special Occasion Dress with Original Belt B42 W36 H42

Vintage 1960s Harvey Berin Hot Pink Daisy Print Maxi Dress B33 W27 H48

Vintage 1970s Herbert Grossman Blue Dress Suit B40 W38 H40

Vintage 1950s Hong Kong Cheongsam with Black and Plum Brocade Jacket

Vintage 1970s Bloomingdales Purple Linen Maxi Dress B34 W30 H34

So What Are You Waiting For?? Let's go Shopping!

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