Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Need some New Years Eve Glitz and Glamour?

Going out New Years Eve and need to glam up that gown or cocktail dress? Accessories do really make or break a fabulous outfit! Whether it's sexy and sultry or modest and demure you'll find what you're looking for at Love Train Vintage!

Vintage 1980s La Regale Black Bead and Sequin Clutch Shoulder Purse Handbag

Vintage 1950s Nanette Originals Silver Stilettos size 7AAAA

Vintage 1900s John Wanamaker Ecru Beaded Purse

Vintage 1950s Di Orsini Black Stilettos size 8

Monday, December 20, 2010

Decisions Decisions! Your purse style doesn’t have to be boring!

A purse is a very personal fashion choice. Over time every woman discovers their favorite style purse. Oh sure every so often they might try a different style trying to break out of their self imposed rut, but somehow, most women go back to their favorite style. And why not? You simply get your variety in the fabric and colors of your purses. Having a favorite isn't such a bad thing.

At Love Train Vintage we have a wide variety of vintage purses available for our purse loving customers.

Vintage 1970s Burnt Butterscotch Boho Quilted Tote

Vintage 1960s Black Hopsack and Patent Leather Purse

Vintage 1930s German Made Enamel Mesh Purse w Lining

Vintage 1900s John Wanamaker Ecru Beaded Purse w
original box and receipt

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