Saturday, September 27, 2008

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Friday, September 26, 2008

I've been spending my Wednesday nights with my daughters watching Project Runway. My oldest daughter wants to be a designer when she's older and my youngest is also interested in fashion as well.

After watching the last several weeks we all have varying opinions on who we like, what outfits we've liked the best, however, there are two things that we all agreed on.

No more Kenley. At first we appreciated her vintage look, however, the first time she got snarky with Tim Gunn we were pretty much finished. What happened to having some manners? What happened to thinking whatever you want but keeping your opinion to yourself?

What happened to taking a great opportunity and learning from it? Tim Gunn is not some rube on the street who knows nothing about fashion. The three of us cheered when Tim finally took Kenley down a peg or two or three.

Instead we've been subjected to a whining primadona who should have been aufed for the horrendous construction of her "hip hop" outfit. The only hip hop I thought might be there was when Leanne had to hip hop to get into those pants. Granted Leanne could have played the hip hop part better walking down the runway but the three of us don't think anything really could have saved that outfit.

We'll all miss Suede. Even though we really didn't like the third person thing and we didn't like a lot of what he made, Suede gave his all on the runway when he sold the whole punk persona. We hope that Korto appreciated his generosity.

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