Saturday, June 28, 2008

One of my guilty pleasures on a daily basis is reading the comic strip Funky Winkerbean. I've been reading the strip since I was in high school back in the 70s when it first came out. Now on the same page as the strip each day there are featured galleries and one of today's just happens to be the Paris Men's Fashion Week Day Two for Spring Summer 2009.

I'll be the first to state that I'm not very fashion forward when it comes to mens clothing and accessories. So in my shop's men's attire you'll find classic items such as fedoras. You'll also find things like cufflinks, Harris Tweed jackets and neckties.

Still, it's somewhat life affirming to know that these fashion designers do pay homage to vintage in their own way. Who would have guessed that John Galliano in his younger days watched Rainbow Brite?

or that he loved the movie, "The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad?"

Evidently John Galliano also loved one of my favorite series, Starsky and Hutch but erred on the side of fashion and pays homage to Huggy Bear.

There was, however, a glimmer of hope that I saw in the show and that came from Belgian fashion designer Kris Van Assche. There were two looks I especially liked from him.

And look at this true classic ensemble by French-Spanish designer Rosemary Rodriguez for Thierry Mugler.

So if your man is deeply entrenched in classic fashions that stand the test of time don't forget to come visit Born Too Late Vintage. You won't find any Rainbow Brite outfits there, but then again, do you really want to?

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Anonymous said...

Great entertaining piece, question is , how many ordinary men (not actors, pop stars etc) would wear these clothes?

Best wishes

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