Friday, June 13, 2008

Today is the last day of school for our daughters. Our oldest is moving on to junior high (OMG how did that happen?!!). Our youngest is moving on to fourth grade.

This past year our girls have had the most wonderful nurturing teachers. Ms. Salus is our oldest daughter's teacher. Ms. Salus has had our oldest for fourth and fifth grade. She has pushed our daughter when she needed pushing and been very supportive of our daughter when she has tried hard to just be herself (by wearing vintage clothes instead of wearing the uniform of the day for pre-teens). On Wednesday our oldest daughter was awarded the Presidential Educational Excellence award. This award covers fourth and fifth grade. I know that without the motivation of Ms. Salus our daughter may not have achieved this. So we thank Ms. Salus for all her support and hard work.

I would also like to say thank you to Ms. Avery, our daughter's art teacher. My oldest daughter has been drawing since she was very little and Ms. Avery has always challenged our daughter to learn more techniques and helped her grow artistically. Thank you so much Ms. Avery for helping our daughter to reach out for what she wants.

Our youngest daughter's teacher is Mr. Fagan. What can I say about Mr. Fagan? He's a Nascar fan (go Jeff Gordon) and uses a race car track and individual cars for each child to keep track of their reading points. He has a pet rabbit named Boo-Boo in the classroom to help teach the kids about being responsible. He has helped to make our youngest daughter more confident and to meet the challenges she will face in fourth grade. There has never been a time when our youngest daughter has come home and said she has had a bad day in Mr. Fagan's classroom. Even when she was sick we had to force her to stay home because she didn't want to miss a day in Mr. Fagan's class. Thank you Mr. Fagan for all you have done to help our daughter grow and excel.

I'd also like to thank Mr. Krauss, our daughters' music teacher. Mr. Krauss is a fireball of energy. Our girls have received the absolute best grounding in music from Mr. Krauss. He has enriched their lives. Thank you Mr. Krauss for keeping the music in our daughters' lives.

There are many times in our lives when we have really appreciated what teachers have done to help us down life's road. Teachers don't receive the acknowledgement that they so richly deserve. They tend to our children's education and often times sooth their soul when a friendship ends at lunchtime or when our children are having a problem at home. They share in our children's successes and their failures on a daily basis.

So thank you again to our daughters' teachers. I hope you realize what an impact you've had in our daughters' lives.

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