Sunday, June 08, 2008

I wonder what senior citizens would do with a WII gaming system? If you'd like to help me find out then check out these auctions for Christian Dior lingerie on Specialist Auctions.

The auctions are being sponsored by an Age Concern social day care centre in Cambridgeshire, England. The staff at the centre are raising money to buy a Wii for users of the centre, who range in age from mid 60s to early 90s. All fees are being waived by Specialist Auctions for this worthy cause.

One of the auctions is for this beautiful Vintage 1970s Christian Dior Full Length Dressing Gown which is quilted and has beautiful lace cuffs over the quilting.

Vintage Christian Dior Full Length Dressing Gown

For a look at the other 3 auctions of Christian Dior lingerie for this worthy cause please click here
Specialist Auctions
and use the search terms "Christian Dior Lingerie" in the main search box.

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