Saturday, February 02, 2008

This is an open letter to vintage clothing sellers and vintage buying customers everywhere. Regardless of whether you sell or buy at Specialist Auctions, Main Street Mall Online, Babylon Mall, Etsy, Wagglepop or have your own website most of us have either sold or bought vintage on Ebay.

Unfortunately pricing changes and the inability to leave valuable feedback has many of us trying to decide how to proceed.

Four times a year the Vintage clothing sellers of Ebay have a VBO sale. Items are priced $19.99 and under. It allows the sellers and customers to both benefit. This year due to the changes in pricing on Ebay the sellers will make less than they ever have from VBO.

At Specialist Auctions we are hosting a VBOE sale. This stands for Vintage Buy Out sale. This is for the sellers who can't afford to do business like this anymore. It provides everyone an alternative place to list their items with no listing fees, no store fees and a final valuation fee of only 3%.

By listing your VBOE items on Specialist Auctions in the next week and a half the items will upload to Google base (fixed price listings are uploaded every Monday) prior to the date of the sale (February 14 through the 21st). By using the keyword search VBOE our customers will be able to find what we have to offer.

The free listings and free stores are not a promotion. It is always that way at Specialist Auctions. You only pay your FVF of 3% when your sale is completed. You can invoice people via Google checkout, cash, check, money order and a whole host of other payment sites. You can also accept payment through Paypal if you wish.

So if you'd like to make some money without it costing you a fortune this sale is a great alternative. Below are listed logos which can be used by anyone participating in the sale. Make sure you put VBOE as the first four characters in your listing title (you have 80 spaces to work with).

Feel free to list Non VBOE items as well. Customers like to combine shipping when they are able to.

So come on over to Specialist Auctions and sign up!

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