Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What really makes an outfit come to life? Is it the outfit itself or is it what we adorn ourselves with to contrast or match an outfit that does the trick?

While some clothing items need no adornment (think Ossie Clark crepe moss maxis), some things are just made for accessories (consider the Jackie Kennedy style New Look suit). What would that suit be without a gorgeous pillbox hat to go with it or a great pair of stilletoes with a matching Kelly bag?

Whatever look you're aiming for we have it for you at Specialist Auctions Vintage. Our sellers have a wide variety of items just waiting for you. What do you have that would go with....

Mojogeno Vintage and Collectibles

What's a classic outfit without a smashing pair of shoes and a great looking purse from Wyoming Vintage in hot looking red?

Still, if these items are not your style we have still more accessories like these

Or this great collection of hats from Bodaciously Yours Vintage

Maybe purses are your passion and if so then DVG Vintage is the place to fulfill
your handbag fantasies with these lovelies!

These are just a few of the sellers at Specialist Auctions Vintage
so make sure and take a virtual shopping trip with us very soon. You'll
be glad you did!

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