Monday, September 24, 2007

It was totally out of character for her. First the bob at the local beauty shop. Then buying the cigarette holder and pack of Gauloises. As a final touch she purchased a gorgeous jazzy sheer Lame ostrich Feather Robe from Henry A la Pensee to wear out for the evening and in her boudoir. That would show Jean-Luc that no wife of his was going to sit on the sidelines while he was having it off with that tramp from the ballet troupe!

Oh how he charmed her on that trip to Paris on the ship. It was a whirlwind of romance from start to finish when he asked for her hand in marriage. Unfortunately he made it so easy to forget she was to inherit her father's millions and already had quite a healthy allowance which would only increase upon marriage and the necessity of maintaining a home of style and substance. Jean-Luc was smooth as only a Frenchman can be wooing her parents even as he wooed her. Her friend, Hermione, warned against Jean-Luc's debonair appearance and romantic nature but Edith just assumed her London born friend was jealous of Jean-Luc's attention to her and wouldn't listen.

Edith down but not out made her own plans now that she decided to adopt the jazz attitude of partying, mingling and dancing the night away in the Paris nightspots. If Jean-Luc wanted to waste time with that tramp from the ballet troup then it was his loss as his wife in name only painted the town red and made a name for herself.

As sometimes happens, Edith's wonderful jazzy sheer Lame ostrich Feather Robe from Henry A la Pensee somehow made its way across the Atlantic and is available from the chic store of Chez Cemetarian. Who knows the travels this robe of passion has taken to get all the way to Sherman, Texas. Ah, if only clothing could speak the stories it would tell. So if you're up to making a little history of your own you have got to start by getting this robe. It is truly the cat's meow!

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Hoardmeister said...


This robe is truly a must-have! The picture you paint of passion in times gone by is so vivid, I almost made an appointment to have my long golden tresses bobbed! A marvelous piece of writing, my dear Viviene!

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