Sunday, September 30, 2007

It was a fight like no other in the history of the Carrington family. And all because of a mistake by the famed boutique Chez Cemetarian. It was all the fault of that new salesgirl, Rita. She'd been warned about the Carrington women and how competitive they were.

Krystle Carrington, sweet as you please came in for her appointment and Rita showed her the new line of jumpsuits in a plethora of colors. Krystle decided on the white jumpsuit with the rainbow sequins and pearl draped fringe. With her blonde hair and beautiful figure the jumpsuit would be a perfect foil for her glamour. Rita was over the moon for the jumpsuit was $1400 (two months salary for her) and her commission would be fabulous.

As Krystle went out the front door, Alexis came in the back door trying to ditch the stalker she had picked up along with a bad case of crabs the month before. She sashayed into the room looking down her nose at Rita and stated, "What did that bitch just try on?" Flustered and downtrodden Rita spoke in a whisper, "The jumpsuits." Without even admitting she had heard poor Rita, Alexis grabbed the same white jumpsuit that Krystle had just walked out with. "Hurry up you pasty-faced waste of a shop girl and wrap this up. I've got more important things to do!" With that Rita wrapped the jumpsuit up as quick as she could and Alexis sashayed back out the door and into her waiting limo.

It was a long day for Rita and finally around 9 o'clock she was able to close up the shop and limp home. While she was soaking her feet she suddenly recalled her boss' instructions to never ever let the Carrington women buy the same item or all hell would break lose. Rita wept into her foot bath as she tried to figure out where she could find a new job as her mistake would surely cost her her current one.

Meanwhile at the Denver Art Museum Krystle and Blake Carrington had already arrived and were sipping champagne cocktails while discussing the pros and cons of abstract expressionist Clyfford Still's paintings. With her back towards the doorway Krystle never saw Alexis sashay in and start holding court in the same room just a few feet away.

Blake frowned and Krystle knew that meant only one thing. She slowly turned around just as Alexis clenched her fist and swung as hard as she could. Krystle's drink went flying from her hand and landed all over the latest abstract painting by Clyfford Still. A hush fell over the room as Alexis draped herself over Blake's arm and purred, "Why do you waste your time with her Blake when you could have a real woman?" Alexis never saw Krystle grab the painting and swing it overhead and barely felt the impact on her head as the painting pinioned her arms at her side. Blake snapped his fingers and two bodyguards appeared out of thin air to pick up the now pinned Alexis and Blake said, "Take out the trash gentlemen." A stream of blue air trailed behind Alexis as she shouted, "It's not over! It will never be over you bitch!"

Now you too can own not one but two of these gorgeous white jumpsuits with rainbow colored sequins from Chez Cemetarian. Bid early and often or you might just find yourself outbid by a Carrington!

Twin Vintage 80's White Sequin Dynasty Jumpsuit Costume

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Hoardmeister said...

Dahling, it was as good as being there! Better, because one didn't get champagne spilled on one's Victor Costa! Bravo on another vivid retelling.

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