Saturday, May 19, 2007

Why are you still selling on Ebay???

Specialist Auctions is a viable alternative to Ebay and other sites offering much less!

No listing fees, no store fees, only 3% final valuation fee regardless of what your item sells for, free picture hosting and Google base upload of all snap it up (buy it now) items you list.

There is a Probulk lister if you have lots of listings to copy and move.

What keeps you from listing there?

Business is business and it makes no sense to pay Ebay fees when you can keep that chunk of money in your own pocket.

The owners of the site also sell there and they actually listen and make changes.

If this is too pushy for you please forgive me but I need answers. Thanks for your time and patience with me, a seller at Specialist Auctions who wants to make Specialist Auctions the premiere site for buying quality items without chinese repros clogging up the works and of course the premiere site for vintage sellers the world over.

So what are you waiting for??!!! Come join us at Specialist Auctions. You have nothing to lose but the Ebay fees!

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Hoardmeister said...

Dahling, I do hope this brings in many sellers! You can find me inveighing about Ebay over on my blog, although I have since turned my attention to more pressing topics, such as collarbones.

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