Sunday, May 20, 2007

Today I've been thinking about high school days and what fashions were out and about back in 1977, the year I graduate from Poway High School in Poway, California.

Now I moved to Poway my senior year and thank the lord there was band and the school paper because that's where my friends were. I was a senior and my sister was a freshman that year so we hung out with the same group of kids. Band and the school paper provided instant friends and lots of fun.

I remember peasant blouses and platforms galore. I remember gauchos, maxi dresses and mini dresses in patchwork fabrics and border prints. Knits were a big deal and now my own girls are wearing a lot of these styles. I have to admit to having a certain affection for platform shoes and, although I'm in my late 40s I've gone a bit wild with some new platforms lately.

At Born Too Late Vintage we try our best to offer something for everyone and we have lots to offer in the way of 70s fashions so here are a few items that should bring back memories.

How about those maxi dresses? Now they are back and being called "patio dresses" but a maxi dress they truly are.

Try this Vintage 1970s Peggy Barker Peasant Maxi Patio Dress B 32 on for size!

or this Vintage 1970s Green Paisley Print Maxi Patio Dress B 36

Maybe this Vintage 1970s Donald Brooks Dramatic Diva Gown B 32 would be a better choice for you

or even better yet this Vintage 1970s Pheasant Border Print Maxi Patio Dress B32

Also popular at the time were caftans such as this Vintage 1960s-1970s Pomare Floral Caftan Plus Size XXXL

or zodiac dresses like this Vintage 60s-70s Zodiac Print Dress by R&K

There was something for everyone and there was even a revival of 40s style dresses in the later 1970s such as this Vintage 1970s Green, Red White Flowered Rayon Dress B 34 NOS.

So no matter what your style was then it's still all available now and waiting for you at Born Too Late Vintage!

Born Too Late Vintage

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Hoardmeister said...

CAFTANS! Dahling, I remember caftans, women (and some men) sweeping majestically in multicolored fabrics. Your selection is simply outstanding and as always your taste, divine.

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