Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I've always enjoyed playing dress-up as a child and as an adult. How often have we hid behind the facade that clothing provides? How many times have we bought a new outfit to offset a really bad day or the wrong special someone in our life. How many times have we thought "this is going to knock him dead" as we're looking for "the outfit" to do just that. Time passes and you get older. But the lure of playing dress-up is always there. It's a game that you play from the time you're little until the day you're no longer with us and you play that final game of dress-up.

If you're lucky like me you're able to make your living playing dress-up every day. If you didn't have a lot of dolls when you were a child you make up for it now with a mannequin. You may also have lots of wigs to complement the dress-up clothes you have for your mannequin. And if you're really lucky other people share your taste and you can make a living playing dress-up.

So today we are going to play the ultimate game of dress-up. I'd like you all to visit Main Street Mall. Check out our shops. Put together a great outfit combining things from as many different stores as you like. Pick out some great jewelry from our jewelry stores and check out our apparel stores in the vintage mall and the clothing, shoes and accessories mall. Drop me a line at btlvin@yahoo.com with your outfit. On Monday, October 9, I'll pick two winners, one contemporary outfit and one vintage outfit. I'll provide a $10 gift certificate to each of the winners for either of my stores "Born Too Late Vintage" or "Mirror Image Boutique."

Now here's my favorite outfit for my dear husband's annual Christmas party from some of our shops at http://mainstreetmallonline.com

The Purse Diva for these shoes
click image to visit The Purse Diva

Born Too Late Vintage for this purse
click image to visit Born Too Late Vintage

Damn Good Vintage for this coat
click image to visit Damn Good Vintage

Born Too Late Vintage for this dress
click image to visit Born Too Late Vintage

Emmalizz Vintage for this slip
click image to visit Born Too Late Vintage

The Vintage Peacock for these gloves
click image to visit The Vintage Peacock

Alley Cats Vintage for this hat
click image to visit Alley Cats Vintage

Timeless Finds for this necklace and earring set
click image to visit Timeless Finds

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