Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I've always enjoyed the month of October for its crisp weather, apple picking and of course my favorite dress-up time of all year, Halloween. When I worked for the phone company we would all dress up in our office. One year I dressed up as "Princess Phone", a Halloween that will live in infamy at least in my mind.

This year my daughters have made their picks and it's up to me to make their costume wishes come true. My oldest daughter, age 9, is going to be a "rockabilly vampire" complete with rockabilly dress, shoes and fangs dripping blood. My youngest daughter, age 8, has opted for the Madame Butterfly treatment with her request to be a "Geisha lady with a white face and big eyebrows." Those wishes will come true as I have plenty of costumes to choose from.

Almost too many. For several years I've had costume sales on Ebay which normally have done very well. Well, that is not the case this year. Despite very good pricing on my part and marketing out the wazoo the costume business on Ebay for me this year is dead. So that's why I'm inviting you to my store over at Born Too Late Vintage. We have rockabilly orlon sweaters, trachten suits for those bold enough to go for the Sound of Music look, 1960s housewife dresses and hippie dresses, etc.

Actually Ebay just now called me about their giving program and I informed them I gave Ebay half of my earnings in fees this past week and I have no intention of giving them anymore. So check these costumes out because they are exclusive to http://mainstreetmallonline.com

For this German Austrian Trachten Suit
click here for Born Too Late Vintage

For this Rockabilly Poodle Dress
click here for Born Too Late Vintage

For this 1950s Pin-up Bathing Beauty Pink Swimsuit
click here for Born Too Late Vintage

For this Frankenstein's Bride Gown
click here for Born Too Late Vintage

For these saddle shoes
click here for Born Too Late Vintage

and too many others to list!

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