Sunday, January 19, 2014

Are you ready for some excitement?

It was perfect. The cut of the dress was demure enough to pass muster with her parents but the figure hugging style was daring enough to turn up the heat under her slow moving boyfriend. They'd been going steady for 3 years now and she was looking for a commitment sooner rather than later. After all, at age 21 life was passing her by and she was ready for some excitement.

She looked one last time in the mirror making sure her lacy slip, garters and nylons were unable to be detected and wondered whether he'd even notice how sexy she looked. With a sigh she put on her coat and picked up her purse. Shortly thereafter she heard a knock at the door and her father saying, "She should be down in just a minute. Diana, Bob is here."

Ever the gentleman, Bob opened the door for Diana and then they took off. They spoke of the everyday mundane things they always talked about. Diana wondered if Bob would ever realize how much she loved him. It seemed the ride to the movie theatre was taking forever tonight. When Bob passed the theatre without a backward glance Diana wondered what was going on. The movies and a quick bite to eat at the diner afterwards had been their Saturday night date for three years running.

Bob kept driving, wondering when Diana was going to ask where they were going. Half an hour later they crossed the
Dingmans Ferry Bridge and headed down Route 209. Now Diana was really wondering what was up. It was dark with the Delaware River to the right side of the road and nothing but forest on the left side. Diana was starting to get scared. Bob was so quiet you could hear the beat of his and Diana's hearts.

After 30 minutes of travel on Route 209 they reached the little town of
Milford. Diana started to ask Bob where they were going but he put his finger to his lips as if to say "just wait, be patient" and Diana complied. Bob stopped the car and he opened Diana's door and brought her to the front door of a home. Just prior to ringing the bell Bob said, "We've done the same thing every Saturday night for three years. I think it's time we took the next step in our relationship." All Diana could think was that Bob had lost his mind.

Bob rang the bell and a man answered the door. "Come right in!" the man exclaimed. "You're right on time." Sheepishly Bob then said to Diana, "It's time to take the final step Diana. I got my selective service notice last week and I have to report toFort Dix in a week. I'd rather leave a wife behind than a girlfriend. Are you ready for a little excitement?"

With that Bob got down on one knee and placed an engagement ring on Diana's hand and showed her the matching wedding rings he had so carefully picked out. Diana was floored. It was true that they had been seeing each other for a long time and she had wished for some excitement but never in her wildest dreams had she imagined Bob was a romantic under that steady solid exterior.

Throwing chance to the wind Diana wed her Bob that night in a whirlwind
justice of the peace service. The newlyweds spent the next several days and nights at Babbling Brook Cottages in Dingmans Ferry. After several days they headed back over the Dingmans Ferry bridge to face the music. Like the good kids they were they had called their parents to let them know they were okay but no more.

Just outside her parent's home Diana looked at her new husband and thought, "I wonder if Mom and Dad are ready for some excitement?"

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John said...

The Jan. 19, 2014 "Are You Ready For Some Excitement" is good. It has a good ending line.

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