Tuesday, September 07, 2010

So what does Little House on the Prairie have to do with 1920s-1930s music you might ask? Well I'm here to fill in the blanks for you.

My youngest daughter loves watching Little House on the Prairie reruns. Now my oldest daughter and I are really tired of this show. We both find it infinitely depressing. There are tragedies on this show more often than not and we are just about burned out from this.

However, that said, even Little House on the Prairie can get you thinking about seemingly unconnected things like 1920s 1930s music. DH and youngest daughter were watching Little House on The Prairie and DH spotted an actor whom he thought was Johnny Crawford, son of Lucas McCain on The Rifleman, a show my husband and I enjoyed when we were kids. The actor certainly had the look of Johnny Crawford so I hit the internet and googled Johnny Crawford.

Well DH was right again. He has the uncanny ability to pick out faces of actors and actresses even if they started out as child actors and spot them years later. So while I was reading about Johnny Crawford I found something out. Johnny Crawford lives in a past era! No it's not the era The Rifleman or Little House on the Prairie is set in. It's the 1920s-1930s!

Johnny Crawford Dance Orchestra has been around for 17 years according to Mr. Crawford's myspace page:

I thought you might enjoy listening to some cool 1920s-1930s music so get ready for a treat. Who knows what googling might bring us next!

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Catseye Vintage said...

How wonderful! I used to love the show!

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