Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is blue the new black?

Regardless of the era, blue or blue with background prints will always be a great alternative to severe black. They're classic without being staid, gloomy or severe. Here are just a few examples that are available to you from Love Train Vintage.

Vintage 1940s Lora Lenox Sculptured

Charm Navy Crepe and Satin Cocktail
Dress w Cummerbund Satin Belt
B32 W30 H36

Vintage 1940s Navy Blue

& White Polka Dot Rayon
Dress B36 W30 H40

Vintage 1960s NWT Tally-Ho

White, Blue & Black Floral
Print Dress B42 W36 H40

Vintage 1960s Mad Men Classic Navy Blue

Dress & Coat Ensemble B38 W34 H38

Vintage 1970s doing 1940s Novelty

Print Dress Petite B34 W30 H46

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