Friday, September 25, 2009

What in the world is Gordana Gehlhausen doing on Project Runway? What I'm saying is why is she wasting her talents there? I've watched 6 weeks of projects and watched her alternately basically being told to leave the runway as her design was "good enough" to watching her take it on the chin because she's made her fashion too wearable (newspaper outfit). It appears that "make it work" does not count except in Tim Gunn's book. Gordana has made it work on every challenge.

Last night's show just put me over the top. Yes, Gordana's flapper outfit was par for the course for that historical period, however, her execution of that flapper dress was just stunning. She hit the genre of period piece for that time period right on the head in my opinion. She is an extremely talented designer/tailor. Her outfits always come out looking completely and beautifullly finished right down to every seam, bead, macrame section, etc. What she sends down the runway is always wearable. There is such beauty in her execution on all these challenges and yet the judges don't seem to be able to give her credit for that.

I did some reading up on Gordana and her favorite designer is John Galliano. John Galliano! I would never have guessed that Gordana would have chosen him. I've written about John Galliano before (see this blog: ).

I have to say when I see John Galliano's designs on the runway the phrase "hot mess" comes to my mind immediately.

I fear that soon the axe is going to fall on Gordana simply because the judges deem her work too "wearable" and not enough of the fantasy pieces that her favorite designer, John Galliano, spins out for the runway.

Ultimately I have to say that I'd much rather have Gordana designing wearable fashion for the masses than cranking out the stuff John Galliano spins for his runway shows. Surely there is room for both the functional and the fantasy on the runway. Are you listening judges?

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