Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Every so often I think about my childhood and some of the simple pleasures I experienced. Saturday mornings were always great, watching cartoon classics like Bugs Bunny and Gossamer.

I also loved educational tv. I admit to watching Sesame Street (my very favorite is Cookie Monster)

and another favorite was The Electric Company (Morgan Freeman and Rita Moreno were part of that cast of players).

However, my most favorite of all was Schoolhouse rock. There were several different brief clips that taught me things I needed to know such as Conjunction Junction and how to hook up words and clauses and of course there's the Fireworks clip (I best remember the pursuit of happiness which shows a gentleman chasing a giggling lady).

My very most favorite though, is the clip of How a Bill Becomes a Law. My sister gifted my daughters with a video of all of the Schoolhouse Rock clips and many Saturdays we sit and have brunch and enjoy these clips. Who says education isn't fun??

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