Friday, November 07, 2008

Very occasionally I will write about something personal that touches my heart. Today I'm writing about my husband's grandmother, Jane.

Jane passed away Tuesday at the age of 92. If you read her obituary you wouldn't have a clue how amazing her life was. It reads "she was a homemaker."

What is a homemaker? Well if you were Jane it would mean that you managed the household finances right up to the end of your life. It means you raised your four children and assisted in a major way raising your two oldest grandchildren. It means you buried a son and a husband and still found a way to continue on, although it was very hard. It means you helped your kids and their kids when times were tough and they had nowhere to turn.

It also means great family parties during the holidays, christenings, communions, confirmations, graduations, bridal showers and weddings.

Most of all what Jane was by being a homemaker was that she was the center of her family. While it will be more than difficult to live in a world without Jane, Jane has instilled in all her family the strength and guts to go on using what she taught us to get through this very difficult time.

I have had the honor of being married to Jane's oldest grandson for 25 years. I have seen many times the important things she taught my husband come into play in many difficult circumstances that we've dealt with.

So this is my tribute to Jane, great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, cousin, grandmother-in-law and homemaker. I hope she knows what an impact she has had on all of our lives. We love you Jane.


sue said...

Lovely tribute to a woman that sounds equally lovely.


Mrs Arctic Rainbow said...

She knows Marge, she knows. For as much as you loved her, she loved each and everyone of you, with all her heart and soul. May she rest in peace gracefully.

A beautiful tribute, spoken from the heart.. thank you for sharing her memory with us, those who were not fortunate to have known her personally. However, we are blessed with knowing a smaller spark of her.. YOU. Keep carrying the light.

Much love to you all - as always.. Michelle x

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