Monday, November 24, 2008

Each of them were striking in their own way. There was Eva, with her flashing green eyes and bountiful red hair in a dress of seafoam green brocade that hugged her luscious figure.

Vintage 1950s Seafoam Green Brocade Dress B38 W32 H44

Not to be outdone there was LaRue, with her violet eyes and coal black naturally curly hair in a putty brocade that complimented her broad shoulders, long waist and even longer legs.

Vintage 1950s Putty Brocade Dress B38 W32 H48

But let's not forget Helen, with eyes of brown and honey blonde hair in a mocha latte taffeta dress that accentuated her hourglass shape and tiny waist

Vintage 1950s Mocha Latte Taffeta Embroidered Dress B40 W32 H42

or Evelyn, the ice maiden with blonde hair, navy blue eyes and a gorgeous dark navy blue chiffon dress that showed off every one of her curves.

Vintage 1950s Dark Navy Blue Chiffon Dress B38 W32 H42

Now these friends could have easily been enemies, dancing their Friday and Saturday nights away at the Laurel Villa but besides beauty, they had brains and valued their friendship above everything else.

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