Sunday, March 09, 2008

Feeling a bit adventuresome? Need something one of a kind for Viva Las Vegas? Looking for your Hawaiian warrior?

The Merchants of Vintage

Vintage 50s VLV Lace Taffeta Rockabilly Full Circle Skirt XS, S

Mary was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. It beckoned her from across the crowded room. The skirt was a feast of lace with a taffeta underskirt in her favorite color, black. Quickly she grabbed the skirt from the rack, not even realizing it was a full circle.

She paid for her purchase and hurried home with her prize. In her room she tried the skirt on with a few different tops admiring her reflection in the mirror. She twirled in delight as the skirt formed a full circle. Something in the mirror caught her eye as she twirled. She glanced down at her shoes thinking she had something better to pair with the skirt when she glanced in the mirror again this time seeing a Kao warrior, named Kalei, looking back at her. He caught her as she fell and carried her through the magic wall to his village.

Kalei left Mary lying on a pallet of soft leaves attended to by his mother and sisters. He went to the temple to speak with the Kahuna. Kalei spoke of his love and desire for Mary and the life he wanted to live with her. The Kahuna denounced Mary as Maka'ainana, a commoner and not fit for Kalei to wed.

Mary in the meantime awoke only to be gawked at by Kalei's mother and sisters. They gave her refreshments and helped her bathe and re-dress for they knew Kalei had chosen her to wed.

Kalei was beside himself. He knew to defy the Kahuna was taboo and meant certain death for both he and Mary. As night fell Kalei made a decision. He would go to the cave where he first saw Mary, looking at herself in the magic wall. Without words Kalei explained his love to Mary and asked her to be his wife. Mary accepted as she knew in her heart that Kalei was the only one for her. Kalei bid his mother and sisters farewell and Kalei and Mary quickly fled to the cave with the magic wall.

Standing before the magic wall they pledged themselves to each other, then hand in hand they walked through the magic wall never to return to the village.

The clock on the nightstand was flashing 12:00." The power must have gone out", thought Mary as she sat up on her bed. "That was some dream I had." Gingerly for she was sore, Mary turned around, seeing for the first time Kalei smiling at her from the other side of the bed.

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Hoardmeister said...

Dahling, SUCH a romantic story for SUCH a romantic skirt! My heart quite fluttered!

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