Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tomorrow, February 19, 2008 through February 25th frustrated eBay sellers will hold their boycott of selling and buying on eBay.

If you are looking for a haven that will let you grow your business and put some of your eggs in another basket I suggest Specialist Auctions. Diversification is important in business and with the changes in selling climate it's more important than ever.

Specialist Auctions has real people to answer your questions and our sections are moderated. Simply put, our moderators police their sections to make sure that our sellers are living up to the standards we have set. This makes for a level playing field for buyers and sellers alike.

Our feedback is mutual. Both buyer and seller have the option of rating a transaction positive, neutral or negative. We encourage an open dialogue between buyers and sellers.

Currently Specialist Auctions is running their VBOE (Vintage Buy Out Extravaganza) sale February 14 through February 21. It's a great opportunity to sell your vintage(pre-1988) items in all categories that are priced $19.99 or less.

If you're boycotting eBay why not load up a store (list your items in your store/and auction style as well for double visibility) and join in. Make your boycott time count and get your business set up! There are no store fees and no listings fees at Specialist Auctions. You pay 3% FVF and that's it. We upload your set price items to Google base automatically on Mondays. Need help getting your items uploaded to Specialist Auctions? Check out our free listing import service.

If you're looking for a viable option to other sites please come and check us out.

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