Monday, January 07, 2008

"Whoa, Mom. Who's coat is this?" Sighing I turned and looked at my son, seeing his father all over again as he was in the fall of 1970 the night we met. I'd tried to avoid going to the disco with the girls again, afraid I'd meet someone and afraid I wouldn't. But they kept at me saying, "Come on Cindy, it's only to dance." So off I went wearing my new leather coat hoping that no one would spill beer on it.

It was a night at the disco like too many others. Lots of sloppy passes and married men on the make trying to pick up the vulnerable ladies. One last loser just had to use the worn out pick up line, " Hey baby, what's your sign?" and suddenly tired of all the dreck that was at the disco I said loud and clear, "Do not enter."

Down the bar a couple of stools away I then saw a beautiful smile and above it a pair of baby blues that you could drown in. He mouthed the words "Atta girl" and toasted me with his drink. As if in a dream I moved my way down the floor so I could get a better look. A month later we were at the justice of the peace office getting married.

"Mom, Mom are you okay? Mom?" "Sorry Billy, I just got caught up in the past. The coat is mine." "Cool." With that the door slammed and in walked the baby blues that I still drown in. "Hey, where did you find that coat? That's the coat your mom was wearing when I fell in love with her."

Feel like making a little history of your own? Then check out this great coat from Vintage Vineyard at Specialist Auctions Vintage.

Vintage 70s Black Leather MOD Coat 3/4-Full length B36 Sz. 13/14

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