Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It was a long hard trek to Paris to see his sister. Through the Pyrenees he hiked and since he was a naturalist and a nudist to boot all he wore was his hat and what a hat it was. He trekked through Bordeaux where he sampled some of the best wine he had ever had. Along the way he sampled the wine and cheese of the different regions he trekked through. It was pretty much the same reaction where ever he hiked. "Did you see the nude wild mountain man with the fur hat on his head? Sacrebleu what a wonderful hat!"

Once arriving on the outskirts of Paris he was picked up by the local police. They provided him with a lovely green sweater to wear in the cold jail cell. There he was interrogated an entire day and long into the night but still he would not divulge the information they all lusted after, where he had bought the hat.

Finally admitting defeat the police released him to his sister and they went home to her chateau. After a fine dinner of poisson frit et frites and a glass of white wine his sister asked him, "So Pierre, where did you get that luscious hat?" And Pierre replied, "I got it on Ebay."

Issey Miyake Men Mongolian-inspired faux fur hat to XL


Hoardmeister said...

Vivienne, dahling, what a story! I only wished you had published a picture of that GORGEOUS man before they put a sweater on him. (A girl can dream, however...)

Anonymous said...

That would make such a better commercial than "Shop Victoriously" !

Anonymous said...

There's a man under that hat???? Where? ;) This is just fabulous! I love it!

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