Thursday, November 08, 2007

Today is the fourth and final installment of our interview with Jenifer Klier, grand niece of Helen Bond Carruthers. I again want to thank all the Carruthers and Klier family members for their generosity in accepting our request for an interview. It has been a delight!

In closing our series of interviews Jenifer stated, “The other thing I would like to say is that, while I have come to realize that Auntie was a very savvy businesswoman and extremely busy most of the time, she always had time for my sisters and I. She never had any children of her own, but no grandmother could have been more devoted to us. We spent may a day (and night) at that house, and she would read to us, tell us wonderful stories about when our dad was little, and scratch our backs until we fell asleep. If she was sick for very long before she died, I was unaware of it. To me, it seemed to happen almost overnight; she appeared to be her strong, dynamic self right up until the end. I was devastated.” (Mrs. Bond Carruthers passed away in the summer of 1970). Jenifer stated, "As for the sweaters, again I am not really sure, but I don’t believe she ever stopped—although towards the end she was in more of a supervisory capacity."

In closing Jenifer and her family have graciously provided family photos to share with those interested in her Aunt Helen. Jenifer has provided the information of who is in each picture. The pictures span quite a bit of time so for ease of viewing we have listed them in chronological order as best we can.

This is a picture of Bolivar and Helen Dean Bond, with their first three children (from eldest to youngest): Helen Thomas Bond (Auntie), James Edward Bond (“Jim Ed,” my grandfather), and Uriah George Bond (“Doc”). Auntie was born Nov. 15, 1894; Granddaddy Feb. 16, 1895; Uncle Doc Mar. 21, 1896 or ’97). My Aunt Jesse was not born until Nov. 3, 1911—so there is not a family picture of all of them.

Helen Thomas Bond Carruthers—this is one of my favorite pictures of Auntie.

Jesse Lillard Bond Boulton (Helen's sister)at the Derby—note the hat; it made the paper.

Helen Bond Carruthers and Roy Carruthers on their honeymoon.

Helen Bond Carruthers at unknown racetrack, presenting prize to Willie Shoemaker (very famous jockey).

One of the many birthday parties I had at the Bond House—on my left is Auntie, on my right is my paternal grandmother, Henrietta Blackburn.

Auntie with my sisters and I. That was her chair. She, Granddaddy and Jetti always sat in the same chairs.

Again I want to thank the Carruthers and Klier families for sharing Helen with us. This is my favorite picture of Helen Bond Carruthers.

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Mary said...

thanks again, Marge for a lovely interview series and a delightful background on one of my favorite collectibles designers! Bravo!! xo

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