Friday, October 12, 2007

It was perfect! From the cotton candy pink poodles, to the round collar and the mid calf length skirt the dress was demure enough to lull Uncle Ian, Uncle Bob and Uncle Simon into thinking she would be safe from the clutches of all those young bucks. Of course her aged uncles had no idea about the hot pink corset she was going to be wearing underneath to make the most of her assets or the creamy white crinoline with the pink bows and lace edging peaking out from the hem of her dress.

To take the edge off her nervousness she snuck out to the kitchen and had a couple of sips of red wine. She was careful to bring the bottle back up to the same level lest her uncles discover her indiscretion and of course chewed some Sen-Sen to mask the alcohol fumes.

After a quick peck on the cheek for each of her uncles she flew out the door in her Capezio flats which Claire McCardell had made so popular and jumped into the back of her friend Sara's 1954 Chevrolet Belaire 2 door Sport Coupe.

Once inside the car she quickly slipped off the Capezios and donned her Ferragamo 4 inch high stilletos which her friend had hid in the trunk of her car for her. She arrived at the dance with her friend, Sara, and there she became the belle of the ball. Her dance card was filled within 2 minutes of arrival. The fast dances went by with a whirl as her dance partners snuck a quick peak at her legs that wouldn't stop which were showcased when she whirled in a circle. The young bucks all pressed against her while they danced to the slow tunes and the chaperones were kept busy all evening making her and her dance partners move further apart. She realized the age old power women have over men and in doing so also realized why her uncles were so concerned and why they were so protective of her. Understanding that made her cherish their love all the more.

It also made her more determined than ever to find out the exact facts concerning her birth, the death of her mother and the subsequent disappearance of her father, who had never married her mother. All she knew was that her three aged uncles had raised her from the time she was born. It was time to find out more and find out she would!

This lovely estate dress is available for your collection or for your vintage wardrobe whichever you prefer at Specialist Auctions!

Vintage 1950s Rockabilly Poodle Print Dress B 36 W 28

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