Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's said that history repeats itself and nowhere else is that more apparent than in fashion. Whether it's wiggle dresses from the 50s re-emerging in the 80s or slim fitted 40s suits re-surfacing in the 70s, fashion always comes around again.

Even for the male of the species fashion is cyclical. Is world famous footballer David Beckham starting a fashion trend? If a cravat is posh enough for David, wouldn't you love to follow that trend?

In my vintage travels I came upon these two wonderful cravats circa 1950. The cravats were made by Tootal and have not seen the light of day in 50 years. What a wonderful addition to a mans wardrobe. The cravat is more forgiving than a tie as it is loosely tied and gives one the appearance of a dashing man about town who knows his fashion and knows what he likes.

Both of these cravats are available from Braccles7 at Specialist Auctions. Simply click the photograph and you will be linked.

This is a Vintage 1950s MOD Tootal Yellow Paisley Rayon cravat in a wonderful pattern of black and red on a light yellow background. The cravat is just over 41 inches in length.

Or this Vintage 1950s MOD Tootal Red/Black/Grey cravat made of rayon in an unusual regular pattern in dark red & black on a light silvery-grey background. The cravat is about 42 inches in length.

This handsome devil certainly seems to know his way around a cravat and dare I imagine a few other things as well!

Check out Specialist Auctions where vintage clothing is new again!

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John said...

Hello Viviene, while your blog's theme is not really up my ally, it is clearly well done. I came across it while doing a Google search for information on cravats.

I have some cravat questions, if you have time for them. What style shirts and jackets are acceptable for wearing a cravat? I would like to start wearing them for casual/semi-formal security related work overseas. Any recommendations on solid colors vs. patterns, and ways of tying them? If it matters, I tend to wear brown/gold sunglasses, and wearing a vest is not an option.

Thanks Viviene.

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