Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New SMI/bidder protection procedure on Ebay.

Are you aware of the new SMI/bidder protection procedure on Ebay? Do you realize that on items over $200 you will not be able to see who you are actually bidding against? Do you realize that this is an open door through which shill bidders will push the price of items both vintage and nonvintage higher and higher until no one will want to buy on this site for fear of being ripped off?

So here's my pitch. I know a lot of people list stuff on Ebay that they need to sell fast and make a quick turn around. But I know that you also have items that are special and rare.

Instead of giving in and putting your rare and special items on Ebay come over to Specialist Auctions.

There are no listing fees, no store fees and the final valuation fee on your SOLD item is 3%, regardless of what the item sells for. That's right. NO FEE UNTIL YOU SELL YOUR ITEM!

Bring your best items to Specialist Auctions and showcase them.

The real twist to the site is it is moderated by category specialists. This is a real attempt to stop and remove fakes, providing a safer place to trade.

There is also transparency on who is bidding on your items. You can see the id of the bidders. Shilling is not and will not be tolerated here.

Worried that your feedback from that other site won't carry over. Specialist Auctions has taken care of that for you as well. If you wish your feedback from that other site to be available to view you can provide your name from that site and your potential customers can see what your feedback is.

So what do you have to lose other than a large monthly bill filled with listing fees, re-listing fees, store fees and final valuation fees that keep going higher and higher.

You have absolutely nothing to lose but that huge bill you're paying that other site every month and everything to gain.

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