Friday, November 03, 2006

Over and over I hear, "Mom, I want that dress. Do you have to sell it?" My heart is pulled in two directions. My girls love vintage clothing and it's fun to see them wear the styles I wore 36 years ago. On the other hand I'm in business and I'm supposed to be selling these lovelies. What to do, what to do. Then comes a great idea. Vintage dress-up boxes. So I started experimenting. The girls are regularly invited to birthday parties. So we started giving dress-up kits as gifts. Well they have been a hit to say the least. The kids open that dress-up box and they stop opening gifts and start dressing up. Moms have had to push their kids on to the next gift with promises they can dress up shortly.

So we've come out with a couple of dress-up boxes. They all come with 3 hats, 3 dresses, 3 pairs of gloves, 6 bracelets and 3 necklaces (some but not all of the jewelry is vintage). The eras vary from the 1950s to the 1970s. Each box is totally different. The dress-up kit is contained in a white square hat box with the name "Pretty Princess Dress-Up Box." We do not recommend these dress-up boxes for children under 3 years of age due to the necklaces and bracelets. All the clothing has some damage, enough that it would not be considered wearable for regular wear but perfect for dressing up.

So without further ado here are some examples of what we have:

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